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Den VITA#7. "Masks / Cindy Sherman"

Den VITA#7. "Masks / Cindy Sherman"


Cindy Sherman. b. 1954.

”Masks”. Photography is the masks modern equivalent. It is not the camera’s truth but the lies it enables. Putting herself in her pictures, she explores a wide range common social female roles or persons using make up, props and prosthesis. She questions the opressive influence of massmedia over our individual and collective identities and avoids putting titles to preserve the ambiguity. Sherman doesn’t consider herself feminist. The work is what it is.

Shop: 10,5 x 9,5 cm x 2

Den VITA project was to work on single, white, second hand objects and be inspired by women artists, crossing generations and artistic bransch. Some activists, some early pioneers, some simply demanding to be recognized for their work. But according to me, all feminists despite rejection of the term. Each object is one of a kind & handpainted!
700 SEK