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Den VITA#6. "Block / Barbara Hepworth"

Den VITA#6. "Block / Barbara Hepworth"


Barbara Hepworth. b. 1903.

” Block”. Dame Barbara Hepworth was no militant herself and wanted to be treated as a sculptor. She saw close affinity between physicians/surgeons and painters/sculptors but abstraction eventually became the unchanging direction of her work, epitomised by the pionnering piercing of the block. 

Shop: 15 x 20,5 cm

Den VITA project was to work on single, white, second hand objects and be inspired by women artists, crossing generations and artistic bransch. Some activists, some early pioneers, some simply demanding to be recognized for their work. But according to me, all feminists despite rejection of the term. Each object is one of a kind & handpainted!

600 SEK